July 24th, 2010

zines for sale!

 Hello everyone - 

I only have ONE copy left of both my feminist perzines Here. In My Head. #2, and Here. In My Head. #3, and want to get rid of them as they are both going out of print!

Here. In My Head. #2 (£1.00) (1/4 sized)

Certainly building on the strong foundations of the first issue, Cath writes "A brief history of my musical & creative development, or how I learned to feel", "a drunken ramble" about being asked why she doesn't like sexist songs/jokes (?!), the most amazing angry (feminist) rant I've read in ages, perhaps ever, and her scary spiralling thoughts after reading a ridiculous "What Men Think" article, resulting in a teary phonecall to her reassuring boyfriend. More little goodies tucked in between the main pieces. To me, it's the perfect perzine. Can't recommend enough! (description from Marching Stars Distro)

Here. In My Head #3 (£1.50) (1/2 sized)

A special half-sized issue dedicated to the release of my debut demo, the Not Sorry EP. Included are my thoughts on the music scene, the zine scene, my personal insecurity and jealousy issues, feelings of loneliness and guilt, and some lyrics from the EP. Cover is hand-coloured.

Free postage in the UK.  Included in the sale will be a copy of both my free mini-zines, Twt #1 (a zine of quizzes and brain teasers) and Twt #2 (a hand-drawn zine of favourite things).

Sale will be made on a first-come first-serve basis; no timewasters please! :)  Paypal or concealed cash payments accepted.
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