Cath (girl_narcissus) wrote in zinescene_uk,

Here In My Head #9 now for sale!

 Here. In My Head. #9
48 pages, 1/4 sized – £1.00

Inside, I write about technology, thealogy (goddess worship), common anti-feminist arguments, and being a graduate. There’s also some lists and similarly fluffy little things scattered throughout. Black and white, with a hand-coloured front cover.

Want to buy a copy from me? Just Paypal £1.00 to, and I’ll send the zine out to you the next day, with no delivery charge. If you would like me to include one of my free minizines, Twt, just leave me a note when you send me the money and I’ll put it in for you. Don’t forget, you can read more about my zines on my zinewiki page -
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After we posted next to one another last month I'm spooked -- my next BCN went to the printers today!
haha, no way! Maybe it's a sign that we should trade? ;)
okeydoke. address as on the back of your previous issue? :D
Yep! So we're trading the latest issue of my zine for the latest issue of yours? My email address is - send me an email with your address! :)