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Write for Spill the Zines!

 Hello zinesters!

Spill the Zines has published its monthly zine reviews today - in July, we review xyz #2, Mix Zine #3, The Venns, Spellbook for Reckless Children #1, and Rum-Muffel.  Take a look here:

We're also looking for people to write for our blog!  There’s a lot to be said about zines and their impact, whether it’s the importance of zines in raising attention for important issues (e.g. transmisogyny, or chronic illness), zines as an alternative to harmful mainstream press (e.g. beauty standards), zines as a tool for activism, zines as a way of meeting like-minded people, zines as an egalitarian form of knowledge-sharing, zines as a way of sharing ideas with people that you might not be brave enough to put into words… I’ve just scratched the surface there, but hopefully you can see what I’m getting at. It’s an amazingly diverse and interesting subculture that we’d like to start exploring together, with a focus on British zine culture.

If you want to write an article for us, get in touch! Just drop us an email at spillthezinesukATgmailDOTcom with a little synopsis of the article you had in mind, and we’ll talk about it. If you’re interested in reviewing zine fests, that would also be something we’d be interested in.

Also, don’t forget to keep sending us your British zine news (guidelines here), and your British zines for review (guidelines here)!
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